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Iron-On Patches

Iron-on patches created by PatchSuperstore have a clear coating on the back that allows you to iron the patch on to the garment without having to sew it in place to secure it. This is a big time save and works great for all applications. The cost for adding the Iron on backing is $0.10 per patch, this is way cheaper than a seamstress will charge at .35-.75 ea to sew on the embroidered patches, also it is very economical too!

Iron-on patches can be applied to non-stretchy fabrics using a household iron or a heat press, usually found in fabric or craft stores. When applying iron-on patches, use medium heat approx (250-300 degrees) and hold iron on patch for 8-10 seconds. To protect the surface of your patch, use a thin piece of material between the patch and iron, such as a pillow case.

We also recommend using a hot-cut edge or border on your custom designed embroidery patch if you are using an iron-on backing. This will allow the adhesive to extend to the edge of the patch. The cost for hot-cut edge is $0.10 per iron-on patch.

Iron-on backing may be desirable to hold the patch in place during sewing the perimeter of the patch to the uniform to create a professional look.. Do not use iron-on backing on fabric that is stretchy/elastic or that may be damaged by heat from the iron.

Sports and military are just an example of a few types of patches that are frequently ordered as iron-on patches. As you can imagine almost any patches created can benefit from an iron-on backing to hold them in place.


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